DJ Shadow and his Samples (Part One) "Endtroducing ....."

 Love Music   

                     .... Hate War!

DJ Shadow           

Recorded at The Glue Factory, San Francisco 1996               
Sampling equipment Akai MPC60 
Label:        Mo'Wax
Catalog#:   MW059LP/CD
Format:      Vinyl /CD album
Country:     UK
Released:   19 Nov 1996 
Genre:        Electronic, Hip Hop, Funk + Soul, Jazz
Style:         Abstract, Trip Hop
Endtroducing    (Lossless Deluxe Edition)
Released:         2005
Label:              Island
Catalog#:         B0004455-02
Format:            2CD album                          
Country:           US                                                                                  

Turntable Technics 1210 MKII
Tracks (vinyl sequence)
Record Side A                                   
1* Best Foot Forward 0:49
2* Building Steam With A Grain 
        Of Salt 6:40
3 The Number Song 4:40
Record Side B
4.1* Changeling 7:17
4.2* Transmission 1 0:35
5 What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 4) 5:08
6* Untitled 0:24
7.1* Stem/Long Stem 7:48                                        
Record Side C
7.2* Transmission 2 1:29
8* Mutual Slump 4:02
9* Organ Donor 1:57
10* Why Hip Hop Sucks In '96 0:43
11* Midnight In A Perfect World 4:57
Record Side D
12* Napalm Brain/Scatter Brain 9:23
13.1  What Does Your Soul Look Like? (Blue Sky Revisit) 6:17
13.2 Transmission 3 1:11
added sample list and videos
 * What Does Your Soul Look Like?(Part 2) homemade 14:02 from Preemtive Strike
 * G.D.M.F.S.O.B. (UNKLE uncensoredhomemade 6:30 from Vinyl 12"

* = sample list complete
back cover                                   front cover 


sticker on original LP
Inside Cover LP   

DJ Shadow's debut "Endtroducing ..... " is a milestone in music and one that anyone interested in non-mainstream music should hear. It might just change your outlook on the possibilities that music has to offer. From the moment the album begins to the moment the album ends, you get a feeling that your ears have been on a wonderful journey. I've been listening to this album for 15 years now and it still sounds fresh and exciting every time I listen to it. Actually "Changeling" is my favorite piece on the album because it starts with a slow keyboard sample before going into a deep bass and drum rhythm and just as I'm feeling relaxed, the most melancholy and uplifting guitar riff starts to play over the top. Other highlights are "Mutual Slump" with its Björk "Possibly Maybe" sample and for all times "Building Steam with a Grain of Salt"
Music Map of DJ Shadow
A truly stunning album.
As far as I could I collected the essential information about these samples in the world wide universe, refreshed or corrected these as far as possible (sound and visualization) and assigned them to the tracks. Shadow used a total of 500 sample to create "Endtroducing" which gave him an entry into the Guinness Book of Records... but I think this was definitely not Josh's intention^^.
"Endtroducing" might just change your outlook on the possibilities that music has to offer.
If you have any question, or additional information, or you even 
detected a content error (upphs!) don't hesitate to place your valid comment. Please DO NOT comment on grammatical minor errors... 
               I know that my English should be improved. 

Scratched Nirvana

In German we call it  "Messie-Syndrom": compulsive hoarding (or pathological hoarding or disposophobia) is the excessive acquisition of possessions (and failure to use or discard them), even if the items are worthless, hazardous, or unsanitary. Compulsive hoarding impairs mobility and interferes with basic activities, including cooking, cleaning, showering, and sleeping.
It is not clear whether compulsive hoarding is an isolated disorder, or rather a symptom of another condition, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder. (excerpts from wiki)

A famous German, Albert Einstein, stated:
 "Das Genie beherrscht das Chaos"
 "The Genius controls the chaos".
The place of vinyl store was K-Street, 710 Sacramento,CA.
This location closed in 2006 and relocated to the corner 
South Land Park Drive/Broadway.

Tour Dates Germany 2011:

May 14, 2011  Alte Feuerwache, Mannheim
May 15, 2011  Übel and Gefährlich, Hamburg
May 19, 2011  Astra, Berlin
May 20, 2011  Muffathalle München, Munich
May 21, 2011  Live Music Hall, Köln, Cologne
other countries

Setlist Cologne/Germany May 21

What Does Your Soul Look Like? (Part 2 )
(see samples below at the end of this blog)
Building Steam with a Grain of Salt (NiT GriT) 
Walkie Talkie
(see 1 - 3  live take below) 
Stem/Long Stem
(see homemade vid plus samples below) 
This Time 
"thank you all for coming
to support me in what I love"
I Gotta Rock 
Def Surrounds Us 
Blood on the Motorway 
Six Days 
Scatter Brain 
A Milli 
(Lil Wayne cover)
Organ Donor 
High Noon

Let's get started, unsorted, as usual.

Best Foot Forward
this track is more or less a complete "50-sec-Intro-with-10-Samples"
To the newcomers: do not be discourage!

The Sample Sources of "Best Foot Forward"
positive stress especially caused by this
 "little" brilliant piece of music... 35 years 
later I had the chance to understand
 this track by compiling it^^.

"Concerto for Jazz/Rock Orchestra"
taken from  "Journey To Love" (1975)
with tribute to:
Stanley Clarke - electric bass, acoustic bass,
piccolo bass with Maestro Synthesizer
Jeff Beck - electric guitar 
George Duke - organ,synthesizer, keyboard, Arp Odyssey,
clavinet, acoustic piano, electric piano, bells, vocals
Steve Gadd - drums, percussions
David Sancious - 12-string guitar, electric guitar
source sample appears at: 4:38 target at: 0:07
same sample on "In/Flux* (Alternitive Interlude '93 Remix) 
source sample appears at: 0:16 target at: 0:18
source sample appears at: 2:47 target at: 0:39
Masters of Ceremony
Dynamite  (1985 source)
source sample appears at: 1:07 target at: 0:27
Poison  (1989 source)
source sample appears at: 0:05 target at: 0:23
source sample appears at: 0:42 target at: 0:27

source sample appears at: 0:58 target at: 0:35
The original Lifers Group - Real Deal
And at the and of the day.  Lifers Group samples one of my favorite Old Schoolers.
That makes sence!
source sample appears at: 0:17 target at: 4:42

Do or Die Bed Sty  (1984)
source sample appears at: 0:36 target at: 3:29
Cold Chillin' in the Spot  (1985)
source sample appears at: 0:07 target at: 0:15

He's My DJ  (1985)
source sample appears at: 0:07 target at: 0:15


Building Steam With a Grain of Salt

The Sample Sources of "Building Steam With a Grain of Salt"

H.P. Riot - I need You (1974 source)
source sample appears at 0:00 target at: 3:10

Jeremy Storch - I Feel a New Shadow (1970 source)
source sample appears at 0:04, 2:09, 2:59 target  at: 0:02, 0:27,1:14 

source sample appears at 0:16 target  at: 0:51 continuously 

George Marsh - Percussion (1974 interviewed by Terry McGovern) 
source sample appears at 4:20+6:43 target at 0:14+5:58 

Mort Garson and Signs of the Zodiac - Planetary Motivations - Cancer (1969 source)
narrated by Nancy Priddy, John Erwin, Michael Bell 
source sample appears at 0:44 target at 2:03

Lexia - I Worship You (1972 source)
wrong cover is shown on source but I did'nt find a better copy 
source sample appears at 0:00+0:31
target at 3:45+4:46


Interpreted by the Minnetonka High School Percussion Ensemble
 from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.Excerpt from live performance 
on May 16, 2005. Transcribed, arranged and directed by 
Brian Udelhofen. 

Just to give you an impression
..... with minor  sound  quality.

What Does Your Soul Look Like? (Part 2 ) see below
Building Steam With a Grain of Salt (NiT GriT Remix)
Walkie Talkie



 Changeling / Transmission 1

The Sample Sources of "Changeling , Transmission I"
Motherlode -  Soft Shell (1969 source)
same sample as used by Gang Starr - Credit is due (1991)
   DJ Krush and DJ Shadow on Duality (1995)
Wiseguys - Face the Flames (1998)
source sample appears at 0:01 target  0:17 continuously 
The Chaffey College Jazz Ensemble
 Imagination Flight (1978 source)
source sample appears at 0:00 target at 0:00 continuously 
Tangerine Dream - Invisible Limits (1976 source)
source sample appears at 3:44  target at 5:16
Embryo -  Klondyke Netti (1979 source)
source sample appears at 0:00 target at 1:20 continuously 
Laudon Wainright III 
The Man Who Couldn't Cry (1973 source)
source sample appears at 3:56  target at 3:01

Kim Gardener - Touching Souls (1978 source

source sample appears at 0:00 target at 1:39

Kim Gardener - Inner Mood (1978 source)

source sample appears at 0:00 target at 2:37

John Carpenter - This Is Not A Dream
source sample appears at 0:01
target "Transmission I" at 7:02

target "Transmission II" at 9:00
target on "Transmission III" at 0:00

"This is not a dream. We are using your brain's electrical system as a receiver.
 We are unable to transmit through conscious neural interference. You are receiving this broadcast as a dream. We are transmitting from the year one nine."
 Voice of mysterious transmission reocurring throughout the film. Speaker unknown, Do you know?

"Bar scene with Giant", Episode 15
 "Twin Peaks" (1990)
source sample appears at 1:30 on "Transmission III" 0:41


Stem/LongStem/Transmission 2
The Sample Sources of "Stem/Long Stem, Transmission II"

Nirvana - Love Suite (1968 source)
source sample appears at 0:00 target at 0:00

Dennis Linde - Linde Manor (1970 source)
source sample appears at 0:00 target at 1:45 continuously 

Osanna -  Variazione III  (1972 source)
source sample appears at 0:08 target at 3:18 

Giorgio Moroder - Tears (1972 source)
source sample appears at 0:08 target"Stem/Long Stem" at 3:36
see blow:
source sample appears at 0:01 target "Organ Donor"at 0:08 

Demis Roussos / Vangelis - Tales of the Future 
source sample background synthesizer target continuously

Vangelis - Tears in Rain (Blade Runner 1982)
source sample background synthesziser target continuously

Oleao Strut (1976 source)
source sample appears at 5:44 target at 5:13 
I love it, cause I was born in a Kraftwerk

Just-Ice feat. KRS-One - Moshitup (1987 source)
the cover will definitely find his entry in my next blog: 
"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" - Cover of All Times
source sample appears at 0:59 target at 1 41

Mystic Number National Bank - Blues So Bad/Beautician Blues (1969 source)
source sample appears at 3:19 target at 2:16

The "parking tickets" dialogue from that appears midway in the song is sampled from the album "Busted" track "Freedom" by American comedian Murray Roman
source sample appears at 2:00 target at 4:24


 Mutual Slump 

The Sample Sources of "Mutual Slump"

At this place I would like to present two versions of one of 
the most impressive, reverberating and 
sustainable sample of "Endtroducing....."
With all my respect to both artists!

Björk - Possibly Maybe (1995 source)
"the first unhappy song I wrote... 
I felt ashamed writing a song that was not giving hope"

The video shows the rarer version of "Possibly Maybe"
with phone sounds intro which was a not authorized
 sample of Scanner (see below) and as released 
on the first pressings of "Post" CD/LP.
source sample appears at 0:21 target "Mutual Slump" at 0:06 continuously

Björk - Possibly Maybe 
Live at the National Theatre Reykjavik/Iceland on January 06, 1999

Scanner - Untitled (Mass Observation 1994 source)
source sample appears at 2:12 target "Possibly Maybe" at 0:07 continuously

More Than Seven Dwarves in Penis-Land (1970 source)

source sample appears at 0:00 target at 0:24 continuously

Pugh Rogefeldt - Love, Love, Love
 (1969 source)
source sample appears at 0:00 target at 0:00 continuously 

Dialogue from an unknown interview 
concerning the movie Xanadu
 source unknown target appears at 1:14 and 2:25 


Organ Donor

The Sample Sources of"Organ Donor"  

Tim and Bill - Someone (1967)
source sample appears at 0:00 target at 0:20

Samson and Delilah - There's a DJ in Your Town
source sample appears at 0:02 target at 1:03

Giorgio Moroder - Tears (1972 source)
see above
source sample appears at 0:08 on "Stem/Long Stem" target at 3:36
source sample appears at 0:01 target "Organ Donor"at 0:08


Why Hip Hop Sucks In '96

It's the money . . . it's phat.

The Sample Sources of"Why Hip Hop Sucks In '96  

Cleo McNett - Snap  (1982)
source sample appears at 0:02 target at 0:02 continuously

source sample appears at 1:03 target at 0:00



Midnight In A Perfect World

The Sample Sources of"Midnight In A Perfect World"  
and "Transmission 2" 

David Axelrod - The Human Abstract (1969 source)
source sample appears at 5:00 target  "MiaPW" at 1:18

Pekka Pohjola - The Madness Subsides (1974 source
source sample appears at 0:01
target "Transmission II" at 7 53
target "MiaPW" at 0 09

Seals and Crofts - Summer Breeze (1972 source)

source sample appears at 0:06 target "MiaPW" at 3:01

Meredith Monk - Dolmen Music (1974 source)
the English  Wiki shows  wrong  city of birth?! 
 It's Lima/Peru but at least the date of birth  is correct!
Nevertheless , this is great music, just open your ears, tongue and heart.
picture is a part of cover of Vertigo Annual1970 
source sample appears at 1:22+11:35
target  "MiaPW" at 0:14+2 13

Meredith Monk (1972 source)

Biography From Education Of The Girlchild
pictures taken from fakemirrors (Hungary)
source sample appears at 0:00
target  "MiaPW" at 1:08
Baraka - Sower of Seeds (1970 source)
source sample appears at 0:08 target  "MiaPW" at 0:41

Rotary Connection - Life Could (Drum break 1970 source)
source sample appears at 0:00 target  "MiaPW" at 1:47

source sample appears at 3:39 target  "MiaPW"  at 2:10

"Outta states" itself samples

"Psychedelic Shack" by Albino Gorilla (1984)

source sample appears at 0:00 
target "Outta States" at 0:03 continuously
Marlena Shaw - California Soul (1969 source)

source sample appears at 0:08 target "MiaPW" at 0:38

Organized Confusion
Releasing Hypnotical Gases (1991 source)
source sample appears at 2:00 target  "MiaPW"  at 0:02

Organized Confusion sampled 
S.O.U.L - Soul (1971 source)
source sample of S.O.U.L appears at 0:02 target "MiaPW" at 0:02

Funkadelic -  Wars of Armageddon (1971 source)
sometimes reported to be sampled on MiaPW

but I can't find it!?
May be it's the "kill the cat", the laughing cow,
or even the cuckoo clock, but I miss it on my copy^^

Nevertheless it's an essential album and
more than gorgeous to be mentioned !

John Carpenter - This Is Not A Dream
source sample appears at 0:01
target "Transmission I"at 7:02
target "Transmission II"at 9:00
target on "Transmission III"at 0:00
see  video above


 Napalm Brain / Scatter Brain

The Sample Sources of "Napalm Brain / Scatter Brain"

Moment of Truth/Ghetto Shakedown
Gator (directed by Burt Reynolds  OST 1976 source)
source sample appears at 0:03 target at 6:46

Chester Randles's Soul Sender's
Soul Brother's Testify (1968 source)
source sample appears at 0:06 target at 1:16

Daly Wilson Big Band
Space Odyssey 2001 (1968 source)
original release by Eumir Deodato
on his album "Prelude" 1972 
source sample appears at 3:50 target at 2:37

The Fantastic Epics - Fun and Funk (Part 2)  
(1969 source)
source sample appears at 0:03 target at 0:49 continuously

Tyrannosaurus Rex aka T.Rex - 'Pon A Hill
from their album "Unicorn" (1969 source)

sample appears at 0:00 target at 2:37

Jo Ann Garrett - Walk on By (1969)
which itself is a cover version of 
Dionne Warwick (1964) 
sample appears at 0:02 target at 0:36

Billy Cobham 
A Funky Kind of Thing (1975 source)
sample appears at 2:30 target at 2:51

Top Priority feat. Percee P
 Let the Homicide Begin  (1988 source)
sample appears at 3:00 target at 1:57

and of course the 
Dialog from the movie "The Aurora Encounter"
by Jim McCullough Sr. (1986)
which I included in my homemade video as an introduction and 
is a copy from DJ Shadow's DVD - In Tune And On Time (2004)


  • What Does Your Soul Look Like? (Part 2) 
  • with a little cry for help!!
  • this is the second rough draft.
  • Sax is clear now: Heath Brothers
  • still missing : flute, strings and a few background sound are open

The Sample Sources of 
What Does Your Soul Look Like? (Part2) 

"Project Brainstorm", a 1983 Science fiction movie directed by Douglas Trumbull

starring Christopher Walken and Natalie Wood in her last film appearance.
The full intro sample sequence is:

"In a few moments you will have an experience
 that will seem completely real.
It will be the result of your subconscious 
fears transformed to your conscious awareness.
You have five seconds to terminate this tape: 5-4-3-2-1"

Foreigner - Girl on the Moon (1981 source)

sample appears at 0:00 target at 2:06

Billy Paul  - War Of Gods (1973 source)
sample appears at 2:43 target at 9:25
The "Time has come"  phrase 

The Growing Concern  - The Edge of Time (1968 source)
sample appears at 0:00 target at 0:00

Jeffrey Morgan -  Prelude To Fallout (1981 source)
sample appears at 0:27 target at 0:51/1;12

Louis Bellson. Shelley Manne, Willie Bobo , Paul Humphrey
Shelley's Blues (1975 source)
source sample appears at 0:05 target at 3:53

Heath Brothers - The Voice of the Saxophone

from their album "In Motion" (1979 source)
there are 2 versions of this album, both released in 1979.
I think it's the "promo" version as shown below. 
source sample appears at 0:07 target "Part 2" at 7:38
target Part 1 (Blue Sky Revisit) at 0:46

"album" version

"In Motion" Promo

"There's a game out there, and the stakes are high.

And the guy who runs it figures the 
averages all day long and all night long.

Once in a while he lets you 
steal a pot. But if you stay 
in the game long enough, you've got to lose.
And once you've lost there's no way back, no way at all"

from the movie "Johnny Got His Gun" by Dalton Trumbo (1973) 
source sample appears at 0:00 target at 3:28 

Richard Harris - The Yard Went Down Forever (1968 source)
sample appears at 0:14 target at 2:33 etc.

Mystic Moods - Webb of Jim Collage
from the Album "Extensions" (1969 source)
sample appears at 0:12 target at 2:33 etc

The song has found its way on to many "worst songs of all time" lists. Nevertheless, "McArthur Park" was often covered by many famous people like:
The 5th Dimension/Diana Ross & the Supremes/Beggar's Opera/Glen Campbell/ Vic Damone /Sammy Davis, Jr (twice) /Percy Faith/Michael Feinstein/Maynard Ferguson/Ferrante & Teicher
The Four Tops/Aretha Franklin/Plastic Penny/ Justin Hayward/Gitte Hænning/Waylon Jennings/Long John Baldry/Stan Kenton/Liza Minnelli/ Grimethorpe Colliery Band/ Hugo Montenegro/Elaine Paig/ Psychotica/The Queers/Doc Severinsen/Frank Sinatra/The Negro Problem/The Three Degrees/Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain/Andy Williams/Zumpano/Regine Velasquez/Sally Yeh/The Daly-Wilson Big Band/Transistor

"Can you feel this? What is that buzzing? Are you now, or have
you ever been? Move slowly."

 is a dialog from the Si-Fi move "THX 1138" by George Lucas' (1971) 
source (opening scene) sample appears at 0:53 target at 13:07


What's coming up on this channel?
  • In / Flux
! Uhuhhh ! .. it seems to develooop to a more complex project^^ 

The Sample Sources of "In / Flux" 

Chase- Twinkle
(1974 source)
source sample appears at 4:07 target at 1:38


in the meantime you are invited to grub in my channel

Hate War, Love Music!

DJ Shadow featuring Roots Manuva (U.N.K.L.E. Remix ) released 2003 on 12" vinyl.

Now this happens to be what they might call, or what they might term a remix, a rethink, a rejiggle. So who's that?
I see mmmmany lights before me...many lights!
Dark shadows, nice Unkles,and a Rooty-Toot Manuva
Swell then! A shizzle! More bass!
Find me a space, find me a space on, on the beat, yeah!
Round chemist, menace, who that met off for this five whore
Totally soft, from jokey-jammin'.
Now we plannin' now we mannin' that mission now
Rediss and dismantle, my spambo
Knockin' you down, come catch this sound
Heavy weight now, takin' you there
You made me take wow, wait now
Walk to the light, that baptism
Medicinal positionin'
Visit now we fishin' in my jin sin in acid
See my dick's never flaccid
Tax machine, leanin' and mean, sweat 'til it hurts
Splurt my bambino, my Brian or my Eno
Can't see your face never faze me
Love for day my oxi,Sonny is he crazy?
Yes y'all, chicks in the bathroom
They hippy high heels with the lippy
Now we sick to the back tooth
Uncouth, corner the room
They'll cut root now
Sonic yarp youth
See the light, see the truth now
You little piece of dick brained, horse shit, slime sucking son of a whore!
You live with a cocksucking mynx, you scumbag, you low-lifed motherfucker!
Badder boy, ship ahoy
Ghosts how we do this
We fucked up, we tucked up
Leave me to thief police car
Ride don't know me
Won't you walk with me slowly?
Yes y'all, you don't got no time to be stood
One doosh, one toosh
Irrigation, colonic
My trance for you, 'tronic
We on it like a sonic
We done it 'cos we dance from long time
The prime
Porky walky
See the codes on my
My walkie talkie
Breaker one nine, breaker ten to we stage you
True up to the faith
'cause it just can't be replaced
Put a poem on that dark place
See it from that dump state
Burn down that hate shootin'
Practiced in the state
With that snake that I sting you
That statement stage will
'cause most of the time we keep it all for real now
Goddamn motherfuckin' son of a bitch
Goddamn motherfuckin' son of a bitch
Most of the time we keep it all for real now
Goddamn motherfuckin' son of a bitch, goddamn!
Goddamn motherfuckin' son of a bitch
Everybody move!
More bass, bass, bass, bass...
Goddamn motherfuckin' son of a bitch
Goddamn motherfuckin' son of a
'cause most of the time we keep it all for real now
Goddamn motherfuckin' son of a bitch
Goddamn motherfuckin' son of a bitch
Goddamn motherfuckin' son of a bitch
Goddamn motherfuckin' son of a bitch
Goddamn motherfuckin' son of a bitch, Goddamn!
'cause most of the time we keep it all for real now
Goddamn motherfuckin' son of a bitch, Goddamn!
Goddamn motherfuckin' son of a bitch!
UNKLE, Shadow, Roots Manuva, Shwell then - Well then!
Yes y'all! Shwell then - Well then!
Can you tell them?
'cause if you don't tell them, somebody will!
Goddaaaamn, motherfuckin', son of a biiiitch!
That's how we like it now. 


  1. GREAT blog! It's like an obsession for me to find out samples... haha. I found that The Number song was missing... please dig into that ;-)
    I'll get you started at 10:57: http://www.whosampled.com/sample/view/39970/DJ%20Shadow-The%20Number%20Song_He%206-Get%20Ready/

    Keep up the good work!

    Also when you're done with the 500 samples of Endtroducing please engage in the Dubestep king; Burial; albums... ;-)

    Best (foot forward)


    1. Hi Andreas, many thx for your remarkable comment and reminder on "Number Song", I will complete things definitely within coming autumn, thx 4ur patience (-:
      In the meantime I swifted to more smoothly side of DJ-sampling-life-analysis and grab in the world of Nicolas Jaar (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyznZKfhBbI). This new blog is actually in progress. Hope that will compensate your Burial request (-;
      keep on keeping on

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