Cember's 40 years continued

MG, how to continue this path of passion? May be my dearest friends from Wilco could have a chance to your sensible ears, Let's
De Cember - all the (garden) furnitures are in the garage. It's the right time to continue my Nov Ember 40 years collection, may be a little bit more candle lighted, and a perfect intro with respect to glooming lights reveling more visibility.

Sometimes, even nowhere days, you'll find some jewels like Regina Spector's voice and piano playing on a type machine. Eet is my cember present and new introduction, It's like forgetting the words to your favorite song.   

Regina Spektor: Hotel Song

Syd Matters - "Hi life".   you need to listen more the lyrics of this song and think more than simply watching and waiting for something .

In the summer time trying hard with your summer clothes you expected more
With your heart jumping in your chest
Jumping in your chest falling on the floor
You stay hidden in the shadows of the lane between the rule and their old house
A thousand lonely streets let me run let me run away from the burned house
Ohh, fast lane we go.
Hi life knowking in my door
Oh made to care X2
Now you spend your life waiting for a sign
Waiting for a sign living downtown in the old house
A thousand lonely years hidding in the ground 
Hidding in the ground living downtown in the old house
Ohh, fast lane we go. X4
Under me to care
Tatata X4
Hi life knowking in my door
Under me to care 

Isobel Campbell und Mark Lanegan: "Deus Ibi Est" from their 2010 album "Ballad Of The Broken Seas" Love it or leave it. I've found this amateur video... and was happy.


Nick Cave  and the Bad Seeds -  "Children" from the album "Abattoir Blues/Lyre of Orpheus" (2004)

Usually I'm not a real fan of techno music. but as you might have noticed, "Underworld" is one of the big exceptions.
Again a brilliant symbiosis of  music and visualization "Bird 1" (2010)

My WoW hymn of all times , "Mining" a mix of German undergrounders Knorkator "Weg nach unten" - Helge Schneider "Tropfsteinhöhle" - and Wizo "Raum und
 Zeit." -  have fun . I adore it.  "FOR THE HORDE"- although I only play for the Alliance on EU realm Dun Morogh - but it sounds better^^. 

This is my poor translation of Knorkator's "The Way Down" 

Among the grasses, I nourish myself from darkness, many days already possessed and fearless, small world, I can palpate now. And then I find copper, ore,diamonds and granite but part of that victory within me, always redraws me more, Show me the way down, I hate the day, I hate the light, show me the way into the dark where there is loneliness, no mirror for my face, comforting cold relieves the fever deep inside me, damp smell of earth, I can hear my digging, the substance of the soil changes. I'm already through the center? No sense of space and time. Then comes a light and a kangaroo and I know I'm too far!

Apropos WoW , if you know it and you're an "old school" related WoW'er here is an other try, "how to get to old Dalaran", thanks 4 ur patiences to all NON WoW'ers. These are  Mage's Talents. 

No doubt about it, this IS the original version of this unbelievable song by Nine Inch Nails , although you might think Johnny C is hurting you... You could have it all, my empire of dirt.... unfortunately this song is about drugs, but all kinds of transitions are reliable.  

How to continue this path of passion? May be my dearest friends, Wilco could have a chance to your sensible ears, Let's give peace a chance in a more familiar and even deeper way-
Wilco - "On and On" (2007)

After all these teeeears , let's go to Cure ourselves, due to zember candle time. "Pictures of You" is the fourth and final single from The Cure's album "Disintegration"(1989)

Curing mood, All my friends, with LCD Soundsystem.


Lysergsäure-diethylamid was first synthesized by Albert Hofmann in 1938 from a grain fungus (Claviceps purpurea) that typically grows on rye. His main intention was to obtain a respiratory and circulatory stimulant with no effects on the uterus. By random and caused by an accident he absorbed a small quantity through his fingertips on Apr 19, 1943. This day is still celebrated as: "The bicycle day"--- only by elder Hippies, of course, because its potency may last for years.
Achim Reichel released his album "Die Grüne Reise" "The Green Journey" in 1971 after his career  with the Beatles-live-act support "The Rattles" and "Wonderland" (first appearance of Les Humphries)
This is "As If I Have Seen All This Before" (see also the Main Title of this blog)

Another impressive sample of Hofmann's bicycle ride is Silver Appels' first album same named released in1968. 
If you're interested in more tan 40 years old pre-"techno" see also Silver Appels on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peMQ6_Sew1U

But let's return to DeCember and it's typical kling-klang-klingel sound that leads us to believe, that something peaceful will come to pass. This XX cover by the Gorillaz seems to me the best choice to "Crystalise" my switchback to candle lights.
The original XX version is already posted on my January 2010 archive.

To prevent any discussion on the political orientation of Laibach, they are from Slovenia and represent the music wing of the New Slovenian Art collective. The name "Laibach" is the German name for Slovenia's capital city Ljubljana.
During my time as a music event organizer, I became acquainted with the members of the group on DeCember, 8 1984.
John Lennon was murdered on DeCember 8, 1980. This was my 35th birthday.


and now.... for something completely different. Trashy presents are able to move mountains, so take this advice by Menomena before you start your every year christmas shopping fight.
Here they come with the phenomenal "Caugh Caughing" 2007.

No doubt about it, after this nice persecution they all will be high, like it's easily proofed by Wolf Parade and "Shine a Light" (2005)
If you didn't loose the thread: LIGHT is the magic word here.


Consequently the ironic way of losing my edge. LCD Soundsystem 

Unfortunately there are no official videos of the next two US bands.

The Thermals from Portland/Oregon.They call their music No-Fi, may be that makes things a little bit easer to listen to, but I like them. "Never Listen to me" is from their 5th album "Personal Life" (2010)

Giant Sand from Tucson (Arizona) were already founded in 1980. Most of their recordings are  alternative country related albums. This track called "Better Man Than Me" is from their latest album Blurry Blue Mountain (2010). 

Slowly but surely we reach the end of this Cember post, but before this end to a new beginning,  I would like to spend you another 8:12 (-: minutes in heaven with Opeth and "Windowpane". Swedish 70th spirit transition to a new century.
Many thanks for Your patience, merry cember , and hope we hear us soon.


The Grand Finale: a tribute to Cember's intention to bring a little more light to all of You. patient watchers or even ... listeners. This is the prototype of all ever released musical visualizations.
From 1940 (70th!! birthday this year, hoho) created by Walt Disney with excerpts from the movie FantasiaMusic by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky with his great pop-uluar Nutcracker ballet (premiere on 18, Cember in St Peterburg (Post veröffentlichenRussia). It left a deep impression to see the "Nutcracker" conducted by Kent Nagano with the Berlin Symphonic Orchestra and a good lost friend of mine in Cologne (Germany) 2003.


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